2022 6th International Conference on Mechanics, Mathematics and Applied Physics (ICMMAP 2022)
A. Prof. Fengming Du, Dalian Maritime University, China


I has won the honor titles of "Ten Thousand Talents Project in Liaoning Province", "Star of Dalian Youth Science and Technology", "Dalian High-level Talents", and one Academic Achievement Award of Natural Science in Liaoning Province. I presided over 1 key project of State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, 1 key project of Liaoning Provincial Natural Science Foundation, 1 Joint shipping fund of Liaoning Province, 1 China Postdoctoral fund, 1 project of Dalian high-level talent innovation support plan, 2 special funds for basic scientific research of Central Universities and 1 enterprise cooperation project. I participated in more than 10 National Natural Science Foundation of China, Pre research projects of the Ministry of equipment development, projects of the State Administration of science, technology and industry for national defense, high-tech ship projects of the Ministry of industry and information technology and horizontal topics. More than 50 academic papers have been published, more than 40 have been indexd by SCI, and one invention patent has been authorized. I am the reviewers of the<Journal of Materials Processing Technology> < International Journal of advanced manufacturing technology > <steel research international> <International Journal of engine research> and other journals. (more)

Research Areas:

① Tribology of ship machinery
② Computer simulation of friction and wear of diesel engine

Speech Title: 

Research on thermal and mechanical behavior of continuous casting mold



During the continuous casting process, the solidification of slab always deviates from ideal state, the non-uniform heat transfer, deformation and friction have been the major reason of slab defects, which becomes the key factor to improve slab quality. Rationally connect numeral simulation and measured data to investigate the asymmetric and non-uniform character during mold, and discuss the key factors which would affect the slab quality such as heat transfer/solidification, stress/deformation, friction/lubrication and gap distribution under real conditions, is one of the key point of the research. Based on this, this paper focuses on the heat transfer, solidification, deformation and friction in continuous casting mold and slab, and it is significant for improving slab quality and optimizing process parameters.