2022 6th International Conference on Mechanics, Mathematics and Applied Physics (ICMMAP 2022)
Prof. Zhen Wang, Dalian University of Technology, China


He has been engaged in the research of nonlinear water wave dynamics and applied mathematical methods in ocean engineering for a long time, and is a core member of the provincial innovation team of Marine engineering hydrodynamic of Dalian University of Technology. He focused on the study of nonlinear water wave analytical methods and evolution laws, and carried out innovative works such as the analysis of the motion characteristics of nonuniform fluid density, the analytical solution construction method of nonlinear water waves and their interaction, the statistical analysis of waves in a large area of sea, and the evolution prediction with the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Major Basic Research Program, and the High-tech Ship Special Project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. He has published 1 monograph in both Chinese and English, 1 textbook as chief editor, 46 SCI retrieval papers, 4 patents and 6 software Copyrights. Research achievements won the Second Prize of Natural Science in Liaoning Province (ranked 1st), one first prize of natural science of the Ministry of Education (ranked 4th), two second prizes of natural science of the Ministry of Education (ranked 3rd and 8th), and one second prize of ocean engineering science and technology (ranked 5th), Liaoning Province's "Xingliao Outstanding Talents"-Youth top-notch talents, Liaoning Province's "Ten Million Talents Project" -thousand talents level, Dalian City's Young Science and Technology Star Talent Program, etc. (more)

Research Areas: 

① Nonlinear water wave dynamics

② Statistical modeling of Marine environment

Speech Title: 

Natural frequency analysis of nonuniform marin riser vibration



In recent years, with the development of deep-sea oil and gas fields and deep-sea mining, marine riser has attracted more and more attention. The natural frequency variation of riser vibration plays an important role in safety assessment. This report considers the following three natural frequency issues caused by the uneven characteristics of marine riser. First, natural frequency characteristics of riser vibration caused by uneven tension;Second, effect of free end mass on natural frequency of vibration in deep-sea mining system;Third, considering the shut-in status of offshore oil and gas wells, the separation of oil and gas under gravity in flexible riser leads to nonuniform distribution of tension in riser, a simplified mathematical model is established and the approximate analysis results of natural frequency are given.

近年来,随着深海油气田开发和深海采矿的发展,海洋立管逐渐受到更多的关注。立管振动的自然频率改变对安全性评估具有重要作用,本次报告考虑如下三个海洋立管不均匀特性引起的自然频率问题: 1. 张力不均匀引起的立管振动自然频率特点;2.深海采矿系统自由端部质量对振动自然频率影响;3.针对海上油气井关井状态下,柔性立管内油气在重力作用下分层导致立管张力分布不均匀问题。通过建立简化的数学模型并给出期自然频率的近似分析结果。