2022 6th International Conference on Mechanics, Mathematics and Applied Physics (ICMMAP 2022)
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Oral Presentation 1

Shuai Tao, POWERCHINA Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited
Title: Numerical simulation study on crack buckling failure of surrounding rock of straight wall arch tunnel
陶帅, 中国电建集团华东勘测设计研究院有限公司
题目: 直墙拱形隧洞围岩板裂屈曲破坏数值模拟研究

Oral Presentation 2
Yuxuan Liu, Southwest Petroleum University
Title: Experimental Study on the Influence of Heavy Mud Pollution on Tight Sandstone for Deep Wells
刘彧轩, 西南石油大学
题目: 深井重泥浆污染对致密砂岩影响的实验研究

Oral Presentation 3
Yunpeng Wei, Qinghai University
Title: Experimental study on damages of wheel-rail sliding contact surface in heavy-haul railway
魏云鹏, 青海大学
题目: 重载铁路轮轨滑动接触表面伤损的实验研究

Oral Presentation 4
Ruihao Liu, Tsinghua University
Title: Anomalous Nernst Effect in Compensated Ferrimagnetic CoxGd1-x Films
刘睿浩, 清华大学
题目: 补偿性亚铁磁钴钆薄膜中的反常能斯特效应

Oral Presentation 5
Qiqi He, Zhejiang Ocean University
Title: Staggered Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Singular Power-law Systems
贺琦琪, 浙江海洋大学
题目: 奇异幂律系统的交错间断伽辽金法

Oral Presentation 6
Ze Wang, Zhejiang Ocean University
Title: A Prediction Method of Ship Traffic Accidents Based on Grey GM(1,1) Model
王泽, 浙江海洋大学
题目: 一种基于灰色

Oral Presentation 7
Peng Hang, Chuzhou Polytechnic & Anhui University
Title: A Regular Pattern of Primes Distribution and its Application in Primality Testing
杭鹏, 滁州职业技术学院 / 安徽大学
题目: 一种素数分布规律及其在素性检测中的应用

Oral Presentation 8
Shiyuan Zhang, China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
Title: A New Flux Splitting Method and Central Difference Scheme for Magnetohydrodynamics
张仕元, 中国航天空气动力技术研究院
题目: 一种磁流体的新型分裂方法和中心差分格式

Oral Presentation 9
Peng Zhang, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Title: On two-stage greedy randomized extended Kaczmarz method for solving inconsistent systems
张鹏, 重庆邮电大学
题目: 两阶段贪婪随机拓展

Oral Presentation 10
Wanjiang Guo, China University of Petroleum (East China)
Title: Experiments of Gas-water Cooperative Flooding in Fracture Network System
郭万江, 中国石油大学(华东)
题目: 裂缝网络系统气水协同驱油实验

Oral Presentation 11
Yuanshen Wang, Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences
Title: Quantitative Analysis of Higher Education Based on AHP-TOPSIS
王远深, 重庆文理学院
题目: 基于

Oral Presentation 12
Wenlong Jing, China University of Petroleum (East China)
Title: Mechanism of bubble point pressure and gas-oil ratio changing with depth in complex structural reservoirs
景文龙, 中国石油大学(华东)
题目: 复杂构造油藏泡点压力及气油比随深度变化机理

Oral Presentation 13
Shuyuan Chen, Jilin University
Title: Analysis of a multi-state HIV transmission model based on differential dynamical system
陈树远, 吉林大学
题目: 基于微分动力系统的多阶段